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Aug 28

It’s not all about the BS, it’s also about the SB!

By Jennifer Hall | Uncategorized

Can you think of a time when things got so bad or you wanted something so badly you would have paid anything to solve it?
Like if you had millions, you probably would have paid it, if you knew it would make it all better?

Well, when you have someone come into your life that shows you they can help you and make it all better, do you not do cartwheels?
Do you not throw your hands in the air in gratitude that this person has been brought into your life?
Do you not ask how much it will cost and then get shocked that they are not asking for more OR at least pray that you can muster up the money to pay them?

I did a few times. Once when my daughter was so ill I thought she was going to die.
AND every time I got stuck creating my dream. Yes, my dream is THAT important to me!!!
I made a vow when I hit a crossroads to either admit defeat and head back to 9-5 or make it happen, to MAKE IT HAPPEN!
The 9-5 wasn’t even an option anymore, and I would do and pay anything to never go back there.
I invested hefty sums that I didn’t have into coaches to help me create my dream and I didn’t flinch!

There was a time when I did flinch.
There was a time where I scowled at people for charging what I dubbed as ‘ridiculous’ amounts.
Because ‘I’ would NEVER charge that amount… where do these people get off? Besides, there is always someone doing it cheaper.

BUT those that are cheaper come at a different cost.
Those that are cheap lack a very important quality. SELF BELIEF!
Do you really want someone helping you, who is only half-sure, half-confident and half-committed?
Do you want to stay that small and learn from someone who’s happy with cheap?

I know I get my clients results and even though I charge large sums, I KNOW it’s totally worth it and I KNOW what I was willing to pay for the same result and it’s still less than what I charge!
To be fair, my sums not as large as some other coaches, but they’re rising all the time the more I get a dose of SB!

Because I believe in my results and my ability to get my clients the results, I am 100% comfortable charging for it.
Are you uncomfortable with paying it?
Well here’s the thing, you are also lacking in self-belief.
When I made my vow to make it happen no matter what, I also had to breathe in a huge gas canister of self-belief.
I had to believe in the possibility that I could do this. If I didn’t do that, I would never have thrown caution to the wind and invested.

I took 100% responsibility for my success and I knew that if I failed, it would be down to me and only me. 

Make your vow to make it happen! What’s the alternative… is it pretty or is it hell? Burn the boats and make it happen!

shocked smiley face FB controversial Rules
Aug 21

12 Potentially Controversial FB Rules for maximum impact and engagement

By Jennifer Hall | Client Attraction , Monetising Facebook

  1. Don't post and run! This also counts for value posts too. Frankly, I find it annoying when I see posts in my group from people who love the sound of their own value but refuse to engage on anyone else's posts! (PS I've been guilty of this in the past... no ivory tower over here) 
  2. Network! BE part of a group, not an empty number! Build a relationship with the leader of the group and support them. Build relationships with the other 'hell yeah' members of the group. Actually involve yourself in a discussion. A like or a heart doesn't cut it. (also guilty in the past) 
  3. Get to know the ethos and mission of the group! Post relevant value in line with it that respects the leader. If the group or the leader is not in alignment with your values or isn't relevant or valuable to you... get outta there! 
  4. Be respectful but strong and stand in your truth! You'll be respected and NOTICED for it. 
  5. Remember there is no competition only collaboration! Carve your own corner of the world and stand together in strength. 
  6. Be mindful of the traffic in the group! If it's a quiet group don't spam four messages in a row, it's not necessary and it's annoying... if it's a very busy group it may be able to cope with more... but don't dilute your message. Quality over quantity. 
  7. Tell your reader/viewer what you want them to do next! Make sure there is a point behind what you're sharing. Memes and generic inspirational messages without relevance to your zone of genius/message is a NO! 
  8. Know your mission and your message and make sure your posts are in alignment! Inconsistent and mixed messages cause more harm than you realise! 
  9. Hang out and network in groups where your Ideal Client hangs out! Obvious but it does involve stepping outside your comfort zone. 
  10. Introduce yourself and stay engaged and connected! Ask for help or for an opinion and start engaging early! 
  11. Only promo where you're allowed to promo and make it obvious! In the words of Jessica Lorimer - 'if you're going to sell, SELL!' 
  12. Your primary purpose should be to serve and support! Make sure you do because you'll be loved for it and you'll attract the right people!
Aug 15

What does it actually mean to play big?

By Jennifer Hall | Uncategorized

Well, this is so different for everyone depending on where you are in your journey.

When it comes to up-leveling we think this is only reserved for those who aren’t newbies but actually, we up-level the fastest when we’re just starting out as we try and raise ourselves up to meet those that are further along than us.

We then reach a place where we start to feel more comfortable with where we’ve got to, and we ride the wave until we realise we WANT to play bigger. It’s no longer a case of ‘need’.

Before this, we felt a needy desperation to get to a level where we feel deserving and confident to be where we are but after this, it’s a case of I WANT to go higher and I WANT to play BIG!

Big for me, in the beginning, was getting to a place of success where I could confidently say I have a profitable business and I’m helping others in the process.

Big for me once I reached that stage was then very different…

I wanted to help women at a different stage in their journey because I wanted to help them achieve bigger and different results. Because here’s the thing…

Some coaches/entrepreneurs would have us think that we can leap straight to a bigger stage and skip out the steps in between! But just as you’re not going to become a 6/7 figure coach over night, you also can’t run before you can walk. You HAVE TO up-level in increments otherwise you end up pinging backwards to where you started with a huge bump!
In order to get my clients different and bigger results I have to pick them up at a different stage in their journey, they have to be further along!

Yes, we help our clients leap further than they could on their own but just as they need to be patient we also need to be patient with ourselves.

We are where we are and playing bigger is different for everyone.

Organising this up and coming summit is a physical representation of my uplevel. I reached out to people like Marie Forleo & Pam Grout both of which were sadly a no BUT I didn’t let that stop me and I continued to reach out to many legends, big names and underground genius and I now have people like Regan Hillyer, Kat Loterzo, Heather Gray and Jess Lorimer attending MY summit! 

I need to tell you, it was f-ing scary to reach out to these big names and face rejection, it took some ovaries of steel to even ask them! Getting over the ‘who do I think I am’ gremlin was a big task.

Having the courage to face rejection from my own community when I asked my Facebook group who wants to stay and then removing those who didn’t voice it was HUGE! 

Before this, playing big meant asking people to leave of their own accord and having maybe 2 people disappear and then dealing with that rejection from those 2 people was huge and horrible. But those small steps allowed me to take the bigger ones that I have in recent months.

We are all on this journey and none of us got to where we are currently are without taking those small steps. Those small steps are CRITICAL to your progress, so don’t ever stop taking them. And give yourself a break. Acknowledge where you are, keep your eyes on where you want to be and then keep taking those steps. It takes time, it takes patience and it takes the willingness to push through the resistance and be uncomfortable in the process.

If you’re at the very beginning of your journey and you’re desperate to feel that confidence and get to a place of excitement instead of struggle and frustration then my best advice is to get support! Invest in someone (it doesn’t have to be me) but invest in someone who can show you what steps you need to take and who will push you outside your comfort zone to get to that place. Because it’s only through doing that we’ll ever achieve that confidence and have someone who can get you moving instead of spinning wheels will relieve that frustration.

Invest in someone (it doesn’t have to be me) but invest in someone who can show you what steps you need to take and who will push you outside your comfort zone to get to that place. Because it’s only through doing that we’ll ever achieve that confidence and have someone who can get you moving instead of spinning wheels will relieve that frustration.

P.S. If you haven’t heard of my telesummit Monetize Your Mission, here is the link: it’s FREE and it’s going to be epic!

Aug 14

How should you raise engagement in your Facebook group?

By Jennifer Hall | Uncategorized

People buy from leaders, experts and authorities not followers! You will sell best, easiest and with most integrity in your OWN group… that’s why it’s soooo important to make your group a priority and step up and lead and ride through the crickets until they chirp!

 Give your group a purpose! – What’s in it for them, why are they there? Communicate that clearly in a pinned post, welcome video and in the description.

 Be clear on your expectations of the members. the type of person the group is for in terms of who they are and what they want from their journey at the moment! And make sure they know that you expect them to engage so that they can build relationships with the right people and take the most value. Again communicate that in pinned post, welcome video and in the description.

 Give them the rules and your values and make it clear in the pinned post, welcome video and in the description. When you do this, it gives them clear simple boundaries and backs up your expectations. Those who lead, lead with strength. Waffly boundaries leave room for behaviour!

 Use the Facebook ‘join questions’ to set the tone and don’t let them ‘in’ unless they answer them. Do you want someone in your group that can’t be bothered to answer 3 simple questions before they’re even in?

 Treat it like it’s your house, be real about it…

 Are you a different person in your house than to anywhere else?

Would you stand for people coming in and not taking their shoes off?

Equally would you ‘shout’ at them for not doing so?

 Would you accept someone coming in, sitting down on your sofa, not make eye contact and refuse to talk to you? – Tag them in the posts and ask them direct questions.

 Would you allow people in your house who found it acceptable to behave in ways that are not in alignment with your values?

Make your members feel WELCOME! Celebrate them joining the group, joining your LIVE, adding value that’s relevant to the joint mission or the people of the group – make them feel a special valued member of your community.
How can you do this… talk to them directly and build a relationship, show you genuinely care and are interested in them. When you genuinely resonate with their share… make sure they know about it.

 Use the Facebook ‘join questions’ to set the tone and don’t let them ‘in’ unless they answer them. Do you want someone in your group that can’t be bothered to answer 3 simple questions before they’re even in?

 Share genuine value and offer them value that they won’t find anywhere else… don’t share the same stuff they can get in other places from you. Your group needs to be exclusive and they need a reason to stay in there and engage.

 Commit to your group, set scheduled times for showing up and then show up and make sure it’s helping them get to where they want to go.
Don’t hold back from giving them ‘the how’, this will tease and frustrate your audience if you just keep telling them where they want to get to without helping them get there. It also won’t build trust and will actually stump sales if you withhold your gold!

 Be a Leader! Define the mission, get them on board with the mission and get the wrong people outta there!
Don’t shrink back when you hear crickets… go harder, shake them up and be courageous! They need you to show them the way.

 Be relevant and have a purpose! Whenever you post or go live ask yourself… why should my audience bother reading and listening… what’s in it for them?
Is it really speaking to their desires? Then make that point blindingly obvious in your headline.
Also ask yourself, what do you want your members to do with the information… what’s the call to action?
Ask them to do something and encourage them to talk about it… in the cases when they don’t, ask specific people directly by tagging them and talk directly to them!

 Run a FREE group challenge that’s in line with your mission, this gets everyone excited and really helps to build community as everyone shares and supports!

 Ask them what they want, but give them options!
The ‘what do you want?’ type questions just encourage more crickets… point out the pain points or aspiration points/ areas where they want results so that it gives them a starting point and they don’t have to think too hard.

 Ask them about them! They need to know you care about their needs and that you want to help them. If they don’t answer they probably feel disconnected like it’s not for them… TAG THEM IN!

 Ask them to leave respectfully if the group is irrelevant to them.

 Make your group the one group that’s different to the majority by making it a priority.

 Think about where your members are coming from… if you’re funnelling them in from other fb groups, if you had built a good relationship with them beforehand, they’re more likely to be engaged when they come in.
Same for however else they come in. If you haven’t built that relationship with them before they come in, you’re going to need to that sharpish right now!

 I want to say this again… give your group a purpose… this means getting clarity on your mission and the tangible outcomes you help your clients with and lead with a STRONG CLEAR MESSAGE that speaks to the common mission.

Aug 07

Are you sabotaging gaining clients?

By Jennifer Hall | Uncategorized

One of the best ways to discover your dream ideal client is to have a look at who you DON’T want to work with!

Speaking openly about this is also a great way to scare off your NON-Ideal Client. POLARISATION.

However, we can sometimes get so protective over our boundaries of who we do and don’t want, that we end up scaring away our IC’s from purchasing in the process.

What do I mean?

Don’t get me wrong, you know I’m all up for polarising your audience and getting the right ones to step up and the wrong ones to disappear BUT when it comes to selling your packages, you need to be careful about putting off the right ones by avoiding mentioning the dirty wants or being too aggressive before they’ve even had a chance to get a foot in the door.

For instance, a client of mine was recently scared of naming her package around the outcome that her IC wanted, in case it allowed people in who wanted the magic pill.

Now, no one wants a magic pill seeker BUT when it comes to selling, the name of your package should be named something to do with the outcome your IC wants NOT needs.

So don’t start off by creating a program that’s named ‘How to lose weight slowly through hard work and dedication’ instead of ‘Slim for Life’, the latter has much more appeal.
Yes, we all know that it takes the first point but you have to be able to attract the bees to the honeypot first before we can fish out the ones who are willing to put in that dedication to achieving that result.

Another example:
My first IC wants to be a well-paid expert but I know she needs clarity on their money making niche, dedication, action taking & a great mindset… but if I don’t talk about the first point, however, they’re not going to listen to me to find out their needs.

How do you make sure you only get the right people in, without scaring them off OR creating something that NO ONE wants?

☠️ Don’t prequalify by dumbing down the ‘wants’ of your ideal client… your ideal client is amazing but they still aren’t truly aware of what they need and they couldn’t give two hoots about what they need if it’s not giving them what they want.
Once you have attracted the market, now you can start to pre-qualify them to make sure only the right ones get in. You can do this in two ways:

😍 Set up a questionnaire when they book a call with you!

😇 Create a section on your sales page that lists who the program is for and who the program is not for.

Let them get interested in your product before you put anyone off, otherwise, you may end up putting off everyone!

You’ll be polarising through your messaging enough to filter out the majority of the bad eggs anyway!