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Jul 31

Can I ask for your help?

By Jennifer Hall | Uncategorized

Can I ask for your help with some market research for my business?

This question will RUIN your business from day 1 if you’re not using it correctly.
Asking this question before you have identified your ideal client is a recipe for disaster.

Let me tell you why…

  • You’re asking it to every (wo)man and their dog! This means you’re going to get a million different answers and opinions with no clear answer as to whether you have a business or not! It’s like asking your Grandparents if they’d buy the new pair of Nike trainers that have just been released… the likelihood is slim!

  • Your friends and family are bound to support you and think it’s a great idea, but are they going to be the one’s buying it? Again, the likelihood is NO! Or they may not support you, as they’ve seen you start up businesses before that have failed and are now scared for you, sabotaging the one thing that will fulfill you and bring financial freedom.

  • Equally, if someone is doing you a favour by answering your questions, they probably like you and so their answers are going to be swayed and therefore will probably say yes to buying your stuff right up until you ACTUALLY ask for money!

  • You don’t know where your ideal client is if you don’t who they are… so getting around the above issues is going to be hard work!

My strong advice is to work out who your ideal client is first! This may seem contradictory to tradition but trust me, I did it this way and it saved me a lot of time, confusion, and failure.

As a Coach, there’s a simple way to identify your IC… it’s you! It’s you at some point in your journey.

When you work out ‘who’ you’re speaking to first, the following things happen…

  • You know where those people are to ask them about their specific pain points and get specific answers to specific questions that will be more valuable than asking broader questions.

  • You know in your heart of hearts that you absolutely have a business that will be successful because YOU would have paid for your services, and so asking this question is to fine tune your services.

  • You have a starting point and a focus to direct your efforts to create an epic business that is totally aligned with your life’s purpose and is led by your purpose and passion and not what’s necessarily visibly popular. Trust me, this is so important!
    Trying to work with what seems to be the next ‘BIG THING’ that isn’t aligned to your zone of genius, will be damaging to both you and your clients.

So as you can see a lot of time, confusing and heartache is saved when you get clarity on who you serve and what you help them with FIRST!

Don’t get desperate when you don’t know who you’re talking to and just ask random questions to the general public.

Random questions will receive random answers = GAME OVER!

Jul 24

The Power of Recognition

By Jennifer Hall | Uncategorized

A couple of days ago I was TOTALLY humbled and brought to tears to see my name tagged several times in a celebratory thread for ‘doing what they do best’ and was specifically called out by a well-respected coach as being a leader!

It was almost unbelievable that so many people were recognising me for my efforts! (that’s a far cry from the corporate days, I can tell you! 😉 ) and it genuinely moved me!

When I first started out, I felt invisible at times, despite posting for what felt like 24/7!

It was a lonely place and super scary putting myself out there only not to be noticed. I kept on going, consistently and persistently and built my own group quickly.
The only problem… little to NO engagement! And there were a few moments where I questioned whether there was any point to it!

You see, I was so focused on building the group I didn’t make the engagement my priority.
I thought that people = engagement and that somehow it was their responsibility being part of the group to mandatorily engage.

Until I realised that I had to step up and become a leader, to lead by example and genuinely serve!
To add incredible value and SHOW them unignorably how I could change their lives. I had to commit to it, make them my priority over the other groups I was a member of.

Being a Leader means committing to your tribe, a bit like a parent does to their children, they are the ones that hold the responsibility to nurture them and help them grow. And as a leader that is your responsibility!
Over time they will come to love you, respect you and want MORE of you! Then they’ll step up of their own accord.

The tipping point happens and it all starts to come together.

And one more thing… just because there isn’t any engagement, doesn’t mean you’re not being watched and it doesn’t mean they are not taking value.
The countless people who have told me privately they love my work but have never engaged or liked any of my stuff.

YOU are being watched, so get out there and BE watched!

Step up as the leader that shows up to serve, and you’ll be tagged soon enough!!!

Jul 17

Who are you aligned to?

By Jennifer Hall | Uncategorized

Last week I was told ‘Working with different clients from different backgrounds, with different outcomes is the only way we can find out who we’re aligned to’.

In my professional, expert opinion this is entirely inaccurate on two levels.

The first being that it’s completely disrespectful to your clients to ‘try them out’ for size.

‘’Yeah I can help you with that, I mean I’ve never worked with extremely emotional women before with childhood trauma, but what the heck, give me your money and let’s take it for a spin and see if I like it or not! If I don’t like working with you, at least I can say I’ve tried!’’


‘’Yeah sure I can give ‘Sales Funnels’ a crack, I’ve never worked with online funnels before but I’m reading a book on it at the moment along with the Power of Now and Get Rich Lucky Bitch so I reckon I’ll totally be able to help you, and if I don’t enjoy it, mess up and waste your time then I’ll know for sure that particular niche is definitely not for me!’

Yes I know I’m being ridiculously sarcastic here, but in essence when we ‘wing it’ and ‘give it a go’ we’re stabbing in the dark with no real target and completely dragging our reputation down as well as the confidence in coaches in general for the people you are ‘trying out’.

Secondly, there is another way to find out! If you know you want to be a coach but have no idea in which area, or what specifically you’re best aligned to i.e. what lights you up, your zone of genius and who you are best aligned with to get results then get yourself some Clarity Coaching!

As a Coach, we have to be willing to invest in coaches, because if we won’t invest in ourselves, who else will?

Don’t underestimate the importance of this stage in your business.

It is VITAL that you are able to eloquently articulate specifically who you help and what you help them with and ensure alignment with it. If you haven’t heard this one before this is one of the best places to start in finding the first stages in clarity on IC and Niche, and that is recognising that your Ideal Client is ‘you’ at one stage in your journey.

If you don’t make sure your Niche is aligned and your Ideal Clients Heaven and Hell is properly mapped out, your coaching business will never take off.

If you are struggling with clarity on your ideal client, give a try to my free resource, is going to help you!

Jul 10

What’s the difference between the Ideal Client we describe and the one we paint in our mind?

By Jennifer Hall | Uncategorized

Did you know that there’s a HUGE difference between the Ideal Client that we write down on paper is very different to the IC we paint in our minds?

Why is this?

When we start to map out who our ideal client is, we’re playing in hypothetical mode, we tend to be brave and courageous when it comes to mind mapping who they are and they’re these awesome human beings who kick ass and shit rainbows! – well not quite the latter part but they are ‘dream’ clients who you’re so excited to work with 🙂

BUT when we return to our minds we add a new dimension to them based upon previous clients, crappy prospects who tell you you’re too expensive and the fears and assumptions that we make for ourselves!

  • My IC can’t afford me!
  • My IC won’t pay that!
  • My IC doesn’t need ‘ME’!
  • This IC is way out of my league.

Then we start to veer off track from the person we want to work with to the person who’s an easier target.

We slip into working with people who are less than ideal, who aren’t in the place we want them to be at but are ‘easy’ (so you think) to help, and you start to bend the rules on pricing and boundaries.

First of all, remember that the IC on paper was a promise to yourself and your business and if you’re not willing to respect that, who else is going to respect you and your business?

When you work with clients you don’t want to work with, it disrespects them as much as it disrespects you!

Stop making assumptions and remember, if you’re a respectable coachee that needed help at the level you ‘WANT’ to coach your clients in… there are others out there too! Respect your boundaries and the promise you made to yourself and keep doing the mindset work on ‘who’ you want to work with.

Don’t slip into making assumptions and attracting the WRONG kind of client… what you resist persists.

Repeat after me: I am worthy of working with amazing clients!

Are you struggling with your ideal client? Maybe you aren’t sure about how to understand her? Then this free resource can totally help you!