December 22, 2021

Tech can be the bane of my life at times BUT it has also significantly helped our market-leading position, our sales and we simply couldn’t run an online business without it.

There have been some serious tech add-on disasters of course but the good news is this podcast is sharing ALL the good ones that have made the biggest impact that I know will help yours as well!

1. Canva

Everyone knows about Canva. Do make sure you check this out. If you are not great at design, then outsource this. Aesthetics need to be on point when positioning yourself. So if you look tin-pot then people will perceive you as tin-pot. Canva is great if you have an eye for graphic design but not expert skills.

2. Active Campaign

Active Campaign is the email marketing software that I use. You can set up automation through here. I have tried many systems and two elements stand out. Active Campaign is simple and does not have the clunkiness of other systems.

I love Active Campaign’s reporting. It is so detailed and helps you pick out your hotlist. On other services, you cannot always find what you need so quickly. If you have Active Campaign but not using the reporting, I recommend it to all of my clients. Especially when running a sales campaign. You will find people who click links but do not pursue a sale further – the personal outreach can help.

3. Calendly

I find that Calenly looks cleaner and more professional. There are quirks but not enough to make me change services. It separates out my calls so I know who is calling me and for what programme or service. The reporting is great on this as well.

4. Trello

Many people keep themselves organised. I use Trello for content creation and mind mapping. As well as mapping out programmes and customer journeys. It’s a bit like having lots of post-it notes. There are lots more that you can do with Trello. I use Trello for templates of content creation. It can also be an asset. If you have not got Trello in your life – go and check it out.

5. Bomb Bomb

This is a video email. Your workaround for this is you record a video on software and then attach it to an email. That’s great but you are relying on people to download and open. Bomb Bomb appears immediately in the email as if it is the email. You can deliver personalised messages that go down so much better than a written email. You are far more likely to get a response from these emails.

When people see your face, when they hear their names and you leave a really personal message – it has a bigger impact than a written email. We use it in EverTrek to respond to customers and potential customers. When we get a personal outreach, it makes people feel special.

6. Place It

This is not free. If you want to take images and impose your own brand onto items like laptops or phone screen then this lays it out for you. It makes images look professional.

7. Alitu

Perfect for podcasts and audio. I use it weekly for my podcast. It cleans my audio, takes out background noise. It has saved my ass in the past with an interview with Jessica Lorimer. She sounded great but I sounded like I was talking from a toilet bowl. Alitu saved this podcast episode.

When you have decent sound for your podcast, Alitu takes it to the next level. It also saves time creating the podcast.

There are so many mics out there. I use Blue Yeti. It costs around £100 but is worth the investment. It is great quality – enough for recording a podcast or video sound. Great if you want to be a guest on other podcasts.

8. Google Docs

You might know about this but do you use it? Google Docs is great for working in a team. We recently onboarded someone with Google Docs. We mapped out over shared screens. Both can access it, can brainstorm and see each other typing.

I use Google Docs with clients in Elevate. There is a session about creating masterclasses. There are certain sections and elements that you need to get right so we use Google Docs to map out these sections. We can all see it and edit it. Each client in Elevate has a folder in Google Docs. We can both access it and make suggestions on the documents.

9. Google Forms

I use these a lot. I use them to board people into my programmes. We can pick up red flags and answer questions. I also find it useful for performance management within EverTrek. Every month we have a catch up about objectives. We call it a “Summit To Talk About”. Forms help us check where the team think they are before these calls.

10. Member Vault

I use MemberVault for my Elevate Programme and Monetise Your Message. You can see how much your clients are using the portal. It is simple to use and you store your videos on YouTube. The URL goes into MemberVault for embedding. It is secure and simple. There is a reasonable cost to MemberVault as they charge per user – starting at a set level.

11. PDF Escape

If you want to make your PDFs fillable, you can do this on PDF Escape. It is a fiddle so test and see how you get on. If you have a VA this is a great job for them.

12. Nifty Images

If you want to create timers inside of your email then you can do this with nifty images. It’s great to countdown to the end of your launch or sales offer. You can amend how it looks and put it in brand. Creates the urgency we need, too.

13. Beacon

This is a drag and drop lead magnet creator. It works a bit like Canva and makes your lead magnets look professional. If you do not have that design eye then hire someone to do it for you. The templates are brilliant.

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