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May 23

Does Audience Size Really Matter? – The most honest answer you’ll ever hear

By Jennifer Hall | Client Attraction , Pricing

You're probably expecting me to say that it doesn't but the fact of the matter it does unless you're willing to go high ticket, which by the way...

You definitely should!

  • Small audience = less people to sell to
  • Large audience = more people to sell to
  • Truthbomb - It takes the same energy to sell something at $200 as it does $2000 or $20000

    So if you have a small audience that's made up of quality ideal prospects that would 'pay anything' for what you have to offer (which is your aim by the way - people need to truly desire what you have to offer, it's got to be a 'must have' or you'll always be convincing people of the value) then selling high-ticket, high-end amazing programmes makes good business sense.

    Why? - Because you can make more money from fewer people.

    • Selling low ticket items to a small audience = a lot of energy expended for very little money.
    • A larger audience means you can sell more (as long as they are full of quality leads of course)

    However, higher ticket means more effort on the delivery end, so there are only going to be so many people you can physically help in this way before you reach capacity, which is where delivering lower ticket items which typically take on the form of '1 to many' delivery or self-study can become beneficial to open up income streams that are still worth the effort and allow you to maximise your time.

    But you've got to take it one step at a time. Growing a high-quality audience takes time, which is why creating high-ticket offers in the first instance is the smartest way to go.


    • You train your audience to buy at a certain price point, so people will associate you with the price point you shout most about. 
    • Discount a lot - people will associate you with that discounted price and will be less likely to buy from you at a higher price point.
    • Sell high-ticket and promise a big transformation the most - people will tend to want that the most even though it's more expensive. Spend your time telling/showing people that they get big results when they invest at that price point, that's what they'd prefer to be investing in.
    • Sell low-ticket and promise the world at that price point - they'll wonder why they should be spending more with you if this is the level they can get.
    • If you want to sell at both a high-end and a low-end price point, make sure you communicate clearly the difference between what the products offer so that there's a clear value ladder and they know there's more to be had.

    So size does matter depending on the price point you want to sell at. It will matter big time to your bank balance. So get smart on your offerings, own your expertise and be clear on what people can expect from your products at which price point.

    Truthbomb Time

    If you can't communicate the transformation and value (why your programme is a 'must have') then you'll struggle to sell anything at ANY price point, high or low.

    Understanding your ideal client, what problem they truly want solving and the desired outcome they'd pay anything to get is critical to becoming a desirable person to work with and become well known for being worth knowing, which is where your audience size will inevitably get larger automatically giving you more options for your business.

    You get money from people, so of course audience size does matter but what matters more is the quality of those prospects (ideal client material) and what price point you choose to sell at.

    Punchline: -  Small audience size does not equal less money if you're smart.

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    How to gain leads from networking
    May 22

    Struggling to Generate Quality Leads from Networking?

    By Jennifer Hall | Client Attraction , Monetising Facebook

    Why you're struggling to generate quality leads from networking...

     One of the BIGGEST reasons you struggle to generate quality leads from networking is because you're not KNOWN for something.

     Now I don't necessarily mean Tony Robbins known, in fact, I'm not even talking about Chris Ducker known... I mean - known (for something) in the circles that you hang out in.

    And those circles don't need to be crawling with tens of thousands of people, it just has to be in spaces where your ideal clients hang out.

    'Notice I said 'known for something' not just known. Famous does not equal $. Being well known for being worth knowing is where the $$$$ are at.'

    If you're able to clearly communicate what you do AND you're 100% certain that you're communicating a genuine want and a solution to a genuine problem that your ideal clients want and suffer from, and you become known in your circles where your ideal client hangs out, there is no reason why you can't turn those prospects into leads and convert them with ease.

    So if you've been struggling to generate leads from networking, ask yourself what's my problem?

    1. Am I taking the actions I need to take to become known in my circles? Consistency, visibility, clear links back to what you do?

    2. Do I have complete clarity on what my ideal client truly desires and the problem that they suffer from? Put another way, do you know what they are willing to pay anything for?

    3. Am I hanging out where my ideal clients are at?

    Or is it perhaps a mix of all those things? Many people struggle with doing the first point because of the lack of clarity on their ideal client... oh and guess what, if you don't know where they are hanging out you don't have true clarity on who they are.

    Gain clarity on your ideal client by downloading my 5 Steps to a Money Making Niche workbook here

    What Your Ideal Client ‘Really’ Wants From You
    Apr 16

    What Your Ideal Client ‘Really’ Wants From You

    By Jennifer Hall | Client Attraction , Client Conversion , Uncategorized

    Lets Explore what your ideal client Really wants from you...

    And I bet it isn’t more money!!

    (and I bet you couldn’t resist reading that without singing it in your head! )

    There have been times in my life when I would have paid anything to get a result and solve a problem and guess what? It wasn’t on the promise of more money. Here they are…

    • In the last few days of holiday to Spain I put my back out picking up a top from the floor! I can honestly say it’s been one of the most debilitating injuries I’ve ever endured from doing something as simple as picking up a light object, and I have been in a lot of pain. I didn’t end up paying out that much for the massage, osteopath and chiropractic treatment I received to get it sorted but I was damn well willing to pay whatever it took to get rid of the pain.
    • Over the last few years I paid a world class Sales Coach over 5 figures. You might argue that I paid for more money but that just wasn’t the reason I invested. That was the justifying factor for me to make the decision to invest, but what I really wanted was to prove to myself that I could be a super successful business owner who was able to pull in large sums of money with ease. The money was the bi-product not the reason I invested.
    • When my daughter was born she was seriously unwell and no one could tell me why. If I had been able to find someone who could have told me what was wrong with her and they charged me 50k, I would have paid it!


    The return on investment that people WANT isn’t money. In some circumstances, it’s the justifying factor or the bi-product but it isn’t the core desire that makes people WANT to work with you and use your services.

    So what is the core desire?...

    People pay because they don’t want to be in ‘pain’ anymore or because it helps them become a certain type of person.

    My clients pay me large sums of money not because I promise them money in return, but because I promise to give them clarity on what makes them the most desirable option in the market which of course will result in a monetary return and allow them to run a successful business, but that’s not why they buy. They buy because they want to be seen as an unrivaled expert and THE go-to person in their field.

    What does your ideal client REALLY want from you?

    If this is something you’re struggling with, why not book in a Clarity Call with me and find out once and for all what’s standing between you and becoming wanted in the marketplace? Book here now!

    new mindset new results
    Nov 13

    The Simple Mindset Shift You need to Make to Run a Successful Business

    By Jennifer Hall | Business Mindset , Client Attraction , Uncategorized

    shift Your mindset for success...

    Today I'm talking to you about the simple mindset shift that you need to make to ensure that your business is successful! 

    I'm going to give an example that explains this in startup terms because it's the easiest way for me to explain this concept, but this can be applied at any stage of a business not just in a start-up.

    In fact, it's really key that you keep this in mind whenever you write content in your marketing, speak to your audience or whenever you are creating a product. 

    who needs a mindset shift...

    A problem arises when people create businesses or create products on the basis that they just enjoy doing it. For example let's use craft businesses, which seem to be very popular at the moment. A lot of craft businesses in the last year have popped out the ground like daisies because people want to turn their passion into a profitable business, but where it fails is when you are doing it for you, instead of the client.

    When I talk about the fact that you can work in alignment with your purpose and you can absolutely make money from it, I truly believe that, but what I do not mean, is that you can turn any hobby or process that you want to teach into a success.


    It definitely won’t be successful unless it solves a problem!

    This is the key mind shift change we need to make, i.e. looking at what we do from your client's perspective instead of our own insular view.

    This is why it’s so important to start with a mission that's bigger than us and to delve into why we started the business in the first place. You have to make it bigger than just you and your family and what's going on in your world otherwise it’s a very selfish point view that no one else is really interested in.

    When we ask the question - ‘what is the transformation that I want to see happen in in the wider world?’  we ensure that we can help them solve the problems that 'they' have in order to help them achieve the goals that 'they' have.

    its all about the client...

    So whenever you go to create a product or write a piece of content marketing you really need to be looking at it through the eyes of your ideal client instead of from your perspective. 

    So instead of saying ‘this is my process and this is what I want to teach or take somebody through’, ask yourself:

    • What is the problem that this person has?
    • What is the goal that this person has?
    • How can I use my skills and my processes to help them achieve that goal and overcome a problem that is stopping them achieve it?

    post mindset shift...

    As soon as you make that shift you will find that your business will be sellable. You will be able to monetize it and to make traction because you’re  actually in demand instead of running a fun enterprise. It will still be purposeful, you can still work within your zone of genius, but use your superpowers to help rather than to pass the time!

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    shocked smiley face FB controversial Rules
    Aug 21

    12 Potentially Controversial FB Rules for maximum impact and engagement

    By Jennifer Hall | Client Attraction , Monetising Facebook

    1. Don't post and run! This also counts for value posts too. Frankly, I find it annoying when I see posts in my group from people who love the sound of their own value but refuse to engage on anyone else's posts! (PS I've been guilty of this in the past... no ivory tower over here) 
    2. Network! BE part of a group, not an empty number! Build a relationship with the leader of the group and support them. Build relationships with the other 'hell yeah' members of the group. Actually involve yourself in a discussion. A like or a heart doesn't cut it. (also guilty in the past) 
    3. Get to know the ethos and mission of the group! Post relevant value in line with it that respects the leader. If the group or the leader is not in alignment with your values or isn't relevant or valuable to you... get outta there! 
    4. Be respectful but strong and stand in your truth! You'll be respected and NOTICED for it. 
    5. Remember there is no competition only collaboration! Carve your own corner of the world and stand together in strength. 
    6. Be mindful of the traffic in the group! If it's a quiet group don't spam four messages in a row, it's not necessary and it's annoying... if it's a very busy group it may be able to cope with more... but don't dilute your message. Quality over quantity. 
    7. Tell your reader/viewer what you want them to do next! Make sure there is a point behind what you're sharing. Memes and generic inspirational messages without relevance to your zone of genius/message is a NO! 
    8. Know your mission and your message and make sure your posts are in alignment! Inconsistent and mixed messages cause more harm than you realise! 
    9. Hang out and network in groups where your Ideal Client hangs out! Obvious but it does involve stepping outside your comfort zone. 
    10. Introduce yourself and stay engaged and connected! Ask for help or for an opinion and start engaging early! 
    11. Only promo where you're allowed to promo and make it obvious! In the words of Jessica Lorimer - 'if you're going to sell, SELL!' 
    12. Your primary purpose should be to serve and support! Make sure you do because you'll be loved for it and you'll attract the right people!
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